About Us

Founded by Douglas McCready in 2005, Livewire Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd is a leader in the field of electrical and mechanical services.

With vast experience in many high-profile projects we can pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all aspects of a project from design through to installation and maintenance.

Since the beginning of Livewire our objective has been to provide a reliable, competitive and high-quality service to stimulate business growth and continuously develop business relationships. Such has been the success of our simple yet effective objective that we have, in more recent years, found ourselves being steered by Directors Douglas McCready and Simon Bowes towards rapid expansion into the HVAC industry.

This has included the set up of a full control panel build, design and install service which was set up to provide the additional services our customers required.

With over 30 years experience in the domestic, commercial and industrial industries, our designers and engineers and office staff really understand our customer needs and as such we can deliver top quality bespoke products to meet our customer demands.

Livewire are committed to applying our knowledge to provide our customers with a service and product focused on quality and cost - with a smooth and flexible delivery.


Livewire Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd are full members of the NICEIC.


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